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Notes Based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Supervisor of Operations: Keigo Hukuda
Postal Code: 550-0004
Address: Casa Acca 102, 1 Chome 16-5, Utsubohon-machi, Nishi Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
Explanation of Charges Outside of Product Prices: Bank transfers are subject to a transfer handling charge.
Cancellations and Changes: As a general rule, orders cannot be canceled or altered after they have been received. Please be aware of this before ordering.
Product Defects: Defective products (damaged products, the wrong products, the wrong color products) can be returned or exchanged.
Purchase Amount Limit: None
Delivery Time: After your payment has been confirmed, your order will usually arrive within 5 business days.
Payment Methods: Online payment via credit card
Payment at a convenience store
Payment through bank transfer (prepay)
When to Pay: Credit Card - When you place your order.
Return Period: We are unable to process returns or exchanges after products have been delivered. Please be aware of this before ordering. However, if the delivered product is defective or different from what you ordered, we will accept a return or exchange. Please contact us within 7 days after product delivery.
Return Shipping Fee: If we have shipped a defective product (damaged products, the wrong products, the wrong color products), we will bear the cost of the return shipping. In other situations, customers must pay the return shipping fee.
Company Name Alpinamadam netshop
Phone Number 06-6443-5775
E-mail address

【Credit Cards】
We accept all types of credit cards. You can pay all at once, with revolving payments, or in installments (3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24x). *We only do not accept bonus payments, so please be careful.

【COD】Cash Payment

When the product is delivered, please pay the delivery person in cash.
*There is no additional fee for COD.

【Prepayment at a Convenience Store】
You can pay at the following convenience stores. After you have paid, a necessary payment confirmation number will be sent to your email address. If you do not pay within 10 days of the order confirmation, your payment will be invalid. *There is no additional fee for convenience store payments.

*Click on the logo to see a convenience store’s payment methods.

【Prepayment Via Bank Transfer】
After you have made your order, please send your payment to the bank account specified in an email we will send you. Please recognize that you will be responsible for any bank transfer handling charges.

【Shipping Fees】
Shipping is free for orders over \9,000 (tax included). Otherwise, the shipping fee is \500 (tax included) for anywhere in Japan.

【Delivery Methods】
The delivery companies we use are “Sagawa Express,” “You Pack,” “Seino Transportation,” and “Yamato Transport.” We apologize, but customers cannot specify the delivery company used.

In the unusual event that a delivered item is defective, we will exchange it for a proper item. In that instance, we will cover any additional charges. We will make size or color exchanges when possible. Please contact us for details.
We generally do not accept returns or cancellations based on customer issues. Also, we do not accept returns or exchanges for items on sale.

【When Items Can Be Returned】
・ If the delivered product differs from the ordered product
・ If the delivered number of products differs from the number ordered
・If products are stained, torn, or otherwise damaged (does not include damage to packing materials)
・If there is some other issue for which we deem ourselves responsible

We do not accept returns for reasons other than these.

【About Exchanges】
・We will make size or color exchanges if we have the item you desire in stock.

【Contact Methods】
Please contact us by email or phone within 3 days after product delivery. If more than 3 days have passed, we will not accept returns or exchanges that do not concern some error on our part, so please be careful. When you contact us, please give the following information. We may be unable to help you if there are omissions in this information, so please be careful.

Order number
Order date
・ Product ID
・ Product name
・ Reason for exchange or return
・Customer contact information (phone number)
Our staff will contact you thereafter.

【Return Shipping, Reshipping, and Shipping Fees】
Once you contact us, our staff will contact you with a return address after confirming your information. Please send the item to that return address within 7 days. On that occasion, please write the return/exchange reason in the blank space on the “Order & Delivery Form” and include the form in your return package. Please make a copy of the form for your own records. Also, the invoice will be necessary on the unlikely occasion that your returned item does not arrive at our company, so please make sure to keep a copy of it.

*Returns Due to Our Reasons
We will pay the shipping fees for the return and reshipping. Please send it by “COD” (Cash On Delivery).
*Returns Due to Customer Reasons
The customer will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fees. Please prepay the shipping fees. If you are making an exchange, we will send the new item via COD. The shipping fees for exchanges change depending on location and item size.
* These shipping fees are different from the flat \500 (tax excluded) shipping fee charged when you first order, so please understand this in advance.

【Returned Item Refunds】
After we have received your returned item, we will promptly cancel the contract and perform refund procedures. If you paid by credit card, depending on the timing of the cancellation procedures, your card company may have already been automatically charged for the product. In that case, we will refund your credit card. If you paid by COD (Cash On Delivery), you will be refunded via bank transfer. We will pay the handling fees if the item was returned due to company error; however, if the item was returned for customer reasons, the customer will be responsible for handling charges.

【As fot Points】
When members shop online with "Alpinamadam, Inc., they are awarded points relative to the amount they spend on purchases. 1 point = 1 yen. You can spend all or a portion of your accumulated points on your next purchase. (If you cancel your membership and re-register, your accumulated points will not carry over and will be lost.)

【The Awarding of Points】
Points are awarded when you spend money (tax not included) on purchases.
Each \100 (tax not included) gives you 1 point.
Please use your points on a future purchase.

【How to Use Points】
You can use up to 3,000 points on a single purchase. You can use just 1 point as well.
If you input the number of points you wish to use on the “Payment Method Settings” page, the amount of yen equivalent to the points will be deducted from the total amount of your order. You can see your point balance in “My Account.”

【What Are Coupons?】
Coupons are gifted to customers during promotions. They can also be bought.
When you pay for an order, you can use them as gold certificates or discount coupons.
*Gold certificates (\1,000 OFF, etc.) can be used for anything, including products and shipping (both tax included)
*Discount coupons (10% OFF, etc.) can only be used for products (tax included).

【Coupon Expiration Dates】
Coupon expiration dates vary depending on the promotion during which they were issued.
Please check the expiration date of each coupon when it is issued.
If the expiration date has passed, the coupon can no longer be used.

【How to Use Coupons】
After you place a product in your “Cart,” please enter the coupon number in the “Coupon Code” space on the “Payment Method Settings” page.